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Project Cost Control

02/02/2016 @ 10:00 - 16:00

Generating a budget and establishing a schedule for a project or programme is challenging. There are many variables and cost drivers that can influence the baseline plan and the resources attributed to it. There is uncertainty in the estimating and potential deviations from the baseline caused by foreseen and unforeseen risks. But this is just the beginning of the project. The project control function will periodically monitor the progress of the project or programme against this baseline and attempt to proactively control its journey until its completion.
Along the way there needs to be the application of different project control and project management techniques to guide the project or programme to a successful outcome including earned value management (EVM), risk management, critical path analysis, benefits realisation, stakeholder management and so forth.
Our speakers will include:

  • Mark Wright, CAAS, MOD
  • Rory Cleland, riskHive, “New EV Extensions for Advanced Cost & Schedule
    Forecasting: Experiences from the Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier
  • Alan Jones, EST.i.MAT-A, “Outing the Outliers”
  • Neil Abbott and Louise Carver, Atkins, “Costing for P3M”
  • Sam Lilley, Edif ERA, “Organisations do not operate in isolation”
  • Stuart Wicks, Rolls-Royce Submarines
  • Sandeep Bassi, QinetiQ


10:00 - 16:00
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