Estimation process maturity for software engineering is on average still quite low. Large sums of money continue to be wasted because software projects were not estimated professionally, resulting in cost and schedule overruns or too low quality of the delivered products. One of the issues across the IT industry is the fact that the Software Cost Estimator is often not a recognized profession. In many organizations, estimates are based on experience and opinions of biased human experts, instead of being based upon relevant historical data and parametric models. The Software Cost Estimating practice of Nesma works together with ICEAA (International Cost Estimating and Analysis Association) on a Software Cost Estimating Body of Knowledge (sCEBoK) to be able to provide a professional framework, training curriculum and certification for Software Cost Estimator. The Software Cost Estimator is a professional role for estimating software related activities and products and with this sCEBoK materials we provide organizations the ability to train and certify people in this profession.