• To develop a framework with which it becomes possible to assess the maturity of an organization when it comes to professionally estimate software projects;
  • To identify the elements that have to be present in an organization to be able to reach a higher level of estimation maturity;
  • To describe the way professional estimation techniques should be implemented in organizations and to make sure they keep working the way it was intended.


  • Alexander Vermeulen, Garansys
  • Bert de Vries, QSM Europe
  • Jelle de Vries, Ordina
  • Niels Vogelpoel, Sogeti Nederland (chair)
  • Ton Dekkers, Interdependent
  • Vincent Barth, QSM Europe


Intended products:

  • Framework for assessing estimation maturity of organizations;
  • Roadmap to implement increasing maturity level of estimation maturity in organizations.