Nesma has structured much of her knowledge on software metrics into documents that address a specific topic.


  • Nesma standardThe Nesma counting guideline and directly related documents, most of them are paid documents
  • Guides: Guides written by Nesma professionals for specific topics
  • Historic publications: Valuable publications that may be partially outdated
  • Articles: Documents on software measurement related topics, written by Nesma members in public media. These documents vary from magazine articles, to conference research publications and university theses
  • COSMICDutch translation by Nesma of some COSMIC key documents, free. The current English documents and other translations may be downloaded from the COSMIC website
  • Links: this page shows the way to organizations like Nesma, all over the world
  • Event presentations: you can find all lot presentations of our events by following this link
  • Free documents: a collection that can be downloaded free of charge or membership obligation


The prices of the publications differ depending on whether you are a member, and if so, what type of membership do you have. Take a look at the membership types to see what other benefits are attached or sign up directly.

Overview of all downloads

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