Here you can find an overview of all our event presentations and recordings.

IT Cost Management Summit – October 4, 2022

On October 4 Nesma organized an IT Cost Management Summit in The Philharmonie in Haarlem, The Netherlands. Click here to view the presentations and to read the highlights of each presentation.

IT Confidence conference: Fact-based business decisions based on data – September 23, 2022

During this ISBSG event, Harold van Heeringen gave a presentation about making fact-based business decisions. Click here to view to presentation.

Webinar: Estimation in an Agile environment; waste or value? – June 30, 2021

On June 30 Nesma organized a webinar about estimation in an Agile environment. Click here to view the presentations and recording.

Online Software Cost Estimation Conference – November 25, 2020

On November 25 Nesma organized a free online conference focused on Software Cost Estimation and the need for sizing. Click here to view the presentations and recordings.

Nesma presentations on SlideShare and YouTube

All our presentations are free and publicly available on SlideShare via this link.