Nesma uses many channels to support the software community with information about subjects related to managing software projects: functional sizing, benchmarking, cost estimation, other metrics:

  • A large number of documents is available, from the ISO approved Nesma 2.3 Standard for functional sizing up to papers from organizations like ISBSG and COSMIC. Some documents can be downloaded; some are available as hardcopy. Some documents are free; others are priced.
  • Nesma offers access to insightfull ISBSG Data Repositories and Special Reports.
  • On a regular basis Nesma publishes a newsletter, both in English and in Dutch. Subscription to these newsletters is free.
  • In blogs from well-known and not-so-well-known authors opinions and new ideas are shared.
  • Opinions can also be found and commented on the Nesma forum. This is also the place to raise your question about any subject of interest and to discuss answers with peers. We welcome your contribution!