beeldmerk_nesma.pngThe Nesma FPA-methodology has been certified by ISO as an official ISO standard. The basis for the standard is the NESMA FPA Counting Practices Manual, version 2.3. You can contact the Counting Practices Committee with questions or requests for additional information. You can also use the forum for additional information.

For digital publications, on the checkout page a discount will be given based on your membership profile. For hardcopy publications, the discount will be visible on your invoice.

With the Nesma 2.3 FPA standard, ordering 10 or more copies will yield a reduction of €20 per copy, ordering 25 or more copies will even yield a reduction of €40 per copy, based on the full price of €99.

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FPA Counting guidelines (v2.3) hardcopyEnglish2018€ 84,=€ 89,=€ 94,=€ 99,=€ 99,=   Order
Handboek Telrichtlijnen (v2.3) hardcopyDutch2018€ 84,=€ 89,=€ 94,=€ 99,=€ 99,=   Order
Nesma 2.3 examplesEnglish2018FreeFreeFreeFreeFree  Download  
Nesma 2.3 voorbeeldenDutch2018FreeFreeFreeFreeFree  Download  
Nesma 2.3 release notesEnglish2018FreeFreeFreeFreeFree  Download  
Nesma 2.3 release notesDutch2018FreeFreeFreeFreeFree  Download  
Early Function Point AnalysisEnglish2015FreeFreeFreeFreeFree  Download  
Análise de Pontos de Função InicialPortuguese2015FreeFreeFreeFreeFree  Download  
FPA according to Nesma and IFPUGEnglish2015FreeFreeFreeFreeFree  Download  
FPA volgens Nesma en IFPUGDutch2015FreeFreeFreeFreeFree  Download  
Functiepuntanalyse in het voortrajectDutch2015FreeFreeFreeFreeFree  Download  
Voorbeelden productiviteitsverbetering op basis van functiepuntanalyseDutch2015FreeFreeFreeFreeFree  Download  
FPA-Case “Hotel” case elaborationEnglish2014Free€ 10,=€ 10,=€ 20,=€ 30,=
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FPA-case HotelEnglish2014Free€ 10,=€ 20,=€ 40,=€ 60,=
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FPA-Casus HotelDutch2010Free€ 10,=€ 20,=€ 40,=€ 60,=
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FPA-Casus Hotel (uitwerking)Dutch2010Free€ 10,=€ 10,=€ 20,=€ 30,=
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Early Function Point AnalysisJapanese2006FreeFreeFreeFreeFree  Download