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In the spotlight

  • CEBOK-S training and certification: Are you passionate about mastering the art of software cost estimation? Look no further, as we present to you an opportunity to enhance your skills and gain valuable insights from international experts. Join us for the CEBOK-S Training on October 24 – 26 in Delft in the Netherlands. A live training session conducted by the Software SIG of the International Cost Estimating and Analysis Association (ICEAA) in collaboration with Nesma. The training has a package price of €1850,- (excl. VAT) what includes two and a half day of training, CEBOK-S materials as well as the Software Cost Estimation Certification (SCEC) exam. Further are lunches and refreshments included in the fee to provide you a complete experience. If you decide to only follow the training and order the exam later, you will pay €1550,- (excl. VAT) and you can request the exam in a later stage at ICEAA. Register here directly or read more via this link
  • [Blog] The New Frontier in Software Cost Estimation: Sofware Cost Estimation Certification (SCEC): In today’s fast-changing digital landscape, software development projects are becoming more and more complex. Making an accurate cost estimation is a critical aspect of project management. To tackle this challenge, the International Cost Estimation and Analysis Association (ICEAA) and Nesma have launched a groundbreaking certification program focused on Software Cost Estimation. Read more in this blog
  • The value of professional Cost Estimation for IT and Software projects: The mission of the International Cost Estimating and Analysis Association (ICEAA) is to promote and enhance the profession of cost estimation and analysis for systems engineering and has been successful in that for more than 10 years. An area that is often part of system engineering but that requires specific attention is the IT market and software projects. To support the profession of cost estimation for IT and software projects, ICEAA started a new initiative named ICEAA SW. Click here to read more about this new initiative. 
  • Presentations Nesma network event (May 31, 2023): On May 31 Nesma organized an IT Cost Management network event at the Soesterduinen, The Netherlands. The theme of this year’s event was: ‘’How to adapt software metrics in the Agile world to become more predictable and transparent?’’. Experts from different organizations shared their experiences and afterwards there was ample opportunity to connect and discuss with the other attendees over drinks and bites. A short summary of the event and the presentations from the experts can be found via this link
  • New practice examples: The Counting Practices Committee has released four new examples how real-life situations should be counted, like complex output products, authentication, high-performant databases and a banking app. Download the new examples here (or here in Dutch).

Sizing and more

Nesma has its origin in measuring the size of software. Today, size and other metrics form the base for many activities that play a role in successful and cost-effective software projects.

SW Cost Estimating

Software Cost Estimation becomes a discipline in IT. Together with ICEAA, Nesma is involved in establishing a Software Cost Estimating Body of Knowledge (SCEBoK). The release is expected early in 2021.


Nesma offers a combination of both free and paid publications that are helpful for you as a metrics professional. Take a look at these publications and raise your level of knowledge!