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Nesma 2.3 Standard officially released!

At the Nesma Spring meeting, on April 19, the new ISO-approved Nesma 2.3 Standard has officially been released. Nesma President Eric van der Vliet handed the first hard copy of the Standard to Frank Vogelezang, member of the Nesma Counting Guidelines Committee. The other members of the Committee also received a copy. Nesma is very grateful for their hard labor!

You can read more about the new standard here.


(Photo’s: Ton Dekkers)

From now on, hard copies of the 2.3 Standard can be ordered by filling in the order form on the Nesma site.

The new standard is also the “sizing basis” for Nesma’s activities in the field of Cost Engineering. Together with other international parties, Nesma is working on the “Software Cost Engineering Body of Knowledge” (sCEBoK): a set of modules on a variety of topics related to cost estimation. See also various posts on this site. More information about this initiative will follow!