• Exchanging experiences in the area of software benchmarking with regard to the cost and effort spent on application development and maintenance with the purpose of increasing the maturity and professionalism in the industry
  • Organize and host the workshop ‘performance measurement and software estimation’ in which benchmarking is an important topic
  • Stay connected with the International Software Benchmarking Group and influence this organization in order for Nesma members to gain more value


  • Harold van Heeringen, Metri (chair and current president of ISBSG);
  • Ton Dekkers, Interdependent
  • Frodo Lammers, StormFrodo
  • Marcel Pereboom, Mediaan
  • Andreas Schuderer, APG


The Nesma benchmarking committee periodically organizes the one-day workshop ‘performance measurement and software estimation’. Check the events page to check the next time this workshop is organized.

All ISBSG special analysis papers can be downloaded for free (Nesma members) or for a small fee in the  are listed in publications page.

The committee also assists ISBSG by acting as a data collection proxy. Organizations can submit project data through the ISBSG data collection questionnaire, and submit it to Nesma. Nesma anonymizes the data and sends it to ISBSG, after which all data submission rewards are passed through to the initial submitter.

Check also the Benchmarking page on this site.

Status of the committee:

The committee is looking for new members. Anyone who is interested in joining, or for general benchmarking questions, please send us a message.

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