• Promoting the use of the COSMIC method for functional size measurement
  • Maintaining international contacts and providing value to the COSMIC organization


  • Frank Vogelezang, Ordina B.V. (current COSMIC president)
  • Harold van Heeringen, Metri
  • Jolijn Onvlee, Onvlee Opleidingen & Advies
  • Eric van der Vliet, CGI
  • Fred de Wilde, ING Nederland B.V.


  • Translation in Dutch of the COSMIC ‘Documentation overview and glossary of terms’ document
  • Translation in Dutch of the COSMIC ‘Method Overview’ document
  • Translation in Dutch of the COSMIC ‘Measurement Manual’ document

Status of the committee:

The committee is not very active at the moment. However, involvement in COSMIC is high, as committee member Frank Vogelezang is currently COSMIC president and committee member Harold van Heeringen is chairing the COSMIC Benchmarking committee.