Counting Practices Committee

The definitions and guidelines for the application of function point analysis are laid down in the ISO/IEC 24570:2018 standard and version 2.3 of the Nesma definition and counting guidelines that are substantively identical. In practice there is a need for practical examples that show how the definitions and counting guidelines must be applied in concrete situations. This document contains 45 concrete examples of situations that a function point analyst might be confronted with. They also show how the counting guidelines should be applied. The examples focus mainly on showing how the functions to be counted can be identified or recognized and, when applicable, state how data element types should be counted.
Each practical situation contains:
• A Problem description to be solved
• A Discussion of the problems for the function point analyst
• The correct Solution
• References to the sections and counting guidelines involved
These examples were composed with the utmost care and reviewed by experts of Nesma as a further elaboration of the ISO/IEC 24570:2018 standard. If in practice there seems to be a contradiction between this example and the guideline, the standard prevails. To give absolute clarity that these examples are not a part of the standard, these examples are included in a separate document.
The Counting Practices Committee is developing new examples. As soon as they are ready, a new edition of this document can be released, without the need to release a new standard.


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