Estimación de los no funcionales: necesitamos tu ayuda

Estimating non-functional requirements has been an issue for decades. Hemos probado el 14 GSCS para corregir el tamaño funcional de complicaciones no funcionales, Pero eso no funcionó. Hemos intentado enfoques COCOMO parecido, which gave unsatisfactory results. We have tried SNAP, but that is far too complicated. So the best approach at this moment is to ignore them and let the contractmanagers fix the problem or point at the architects to come up with an estimate.

A small group of measurement specialists and architects has now come up with a framework that might solve the problem. By using principles from Architecture Driven Estimation the architecture of an IT project can be divided into homogeneous parts (functional and non-functional) that can be estimated part by part. This framework needs to be detailed further to become directly usable by IT-professionals who are responsible for estimating IT-projects. We are looking for volunteers who can help us mature this framework. We are already assisted by measurement specialists from ASSEMI from France, but we are still looking for:

  • Arquitectos de soluciones para ayudarnos a estandarizar los elementos de la estructura de desglose de la arquitectura que necesitamos
  • Especialistas en adquisiciones para ayudarnos a definir componentes estandarizados para expresar Solicitudes de propuesta de una manera estandarizada
  • Especialistas en finanzas / medición para ayudarnos a definir formas estandarizadas de estimar el costo de los componentes estandarizados

Our framework was presented at the recent International Workshop on Software Measurement in Gothenburg (Suecia). You can find it aquí.

The IWSM presentation is available aquí.

When you are interested to help us in any way, please send an e-mail to

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