Nesma is your starting point for making software measurable to make fact-based decisions on the business value of software, so software can be deployed successfully. Nesma conecta a organizaciones e individuos que participan en la fabricación de software medible y es el centro de conocimiento en el campo de las mediciones de software y la ingeniería de costos para TI.

Nesma is:

  • Not-for-profit;
  • Independent;
  • Objetivo;
  • Organized and managed by volunteers;
  • Active and progressive.

It’s Nesma’s mission to:

  • Spread knowledge about software measurement y software metrics;
  • Act as a Body of Knowledge for the industry regarding the use of software metrics in all business areas;
  • Remain independent, objective and not-for-profit;
  • Research the applicability of software metrics in all business areas;
  • Connect relevant organizations in the industry that Nesma feels are expert in one of the areas where software measurement and metrics are important;
  • Produce relevant guidelines, reports and other information products that are useful for the software industry;
  • Produce a platform where people can discuss issues they experience with software measurement and metrics or where they can exchange ideas and/or knowledge.

Become a member:

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