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    Using functional size measurement in combination with relevant historical data and parametric estimation models is considered to be an industry best practice for more mature ( when it comes to software estimation maturity) organizations. Dan Galorath has published the software estimation maturity model and formal sizing is part of maturity levels 2 through 5. Check for instance: link

    I know functional size measurement is important in many countries. In a number of countries, like the Netherlands, Poland, Brazil and South-Korea, it is (often) mandatory for IT suppliers to provide a function point analysis as a part of a bid for certain government agencies. I am interested if there are other countries in which government or customers in other industries demand a functional size measurement as part of a bid. In general I wonder if:

    1. Is functional size measurement regarded as an important activity in software project estimation in your country?
    2. How would you assess the overall estimation maturity in your country?

    I hope to get responses from people from as many countries as possible.

    Ian Alyss

    Hi Harold,

    I don’t think that many customer organisations in Ireland are using FSM, so the obvious answer would be a NO for Ireland.
    On the five-point scale I think most of the companies in Ireland would rate as level 1. I expect that the larger software companies reach level 4 or 5.

    Sridevi Devathi

    Hi Harold,

    As per my personal observation and view,
    – FSM is mandatory in most of the IT vendor organizations (India) that are CMMI L5 certified, as the productivity measurement becomes mandatory
    – However the 100% compliance and effectiveness is not seen in most projects unless there is mandate from the client organization
    – Most effective usage of FSM is in engagements where the clients ask for it

    Regards, Sridevi

    Jacqueline Eshuis

    Hi Harold,

    I have been performing FPA for customer in Germany, UK, Austria, France, Italy, Spain and the US. I don’t know whether FPA is considered important in those countries, I only know that it is mandatory for specific customers.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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