Nesma offers significant discounts on ISBSG corporate subscriptions!

Nesma encourages organizations that are serious about improving their decision-making capabilities based on data to become ISBSG corporate subscriber. This subscription gives you the most value possible and helps you leverage the thousands of data points in the ISBSG repositories.

The ISBSG corporate subscription can be purchased for a full price of 7500 AUD (about 5.000 EUR) for 1-9 users from the ISBSG site, but buying through Nesma results in a significant discount, depending on your Nesma membership type.

Platinum member: 3.200 EUR

Gold member: 3.700 EUR

Individual member: 4.150 EUR

Registered user: 4.600 EUR

Full Price: 4.600 EUR

The corporate subscription can be purchased through:

Reasons Why You Should Consider an ISBSG Corporate Subscription

ISBSG Corporate Data Subscribers receive:

  1. an Excel spreadsheet containing data for all projects from the ISBSG Development & Enhancement Repository (>8.000 projects, releases and (series of) sprints).
  2. an Excel spreadsheet containing data for all applications from the ISBSG Maintenance & Support Repository (>1.100 applications).
  3. free updates of the Development & Enhancement Repository and Maintenance & Support Repository, as they occur during the license period.
  4. Demographic reports for the Development & Enhancement data and Maintenance & Support data.
  5. unlimited access to all ISBSG Special Analysis reports.
  6. a report of your choice – you nominate the topic.
  7. a 12-month subscription to the new ISBSG Productivity Data Query tool.
  8. 10% discount on all other ISBSG products and services.

Facts You Need to Know About the ISBSG Repository Data

Data is submitted to the ISBSG from many different IT and metrics organizations. These organizations have an interest in benchmarking, themselves, or wish to support the world’s only “open” repositories of IT project data. All data is verified by the ISBSG repository manager and all data is entered anonymously into the repositories.

The ISBSG data contains core software metrics, such as Productivity, Velocity and Quality.

The ISBSG software metrics data can be used to assist you with (a.o.):

  • Agile team size estimation
  • Project/Release Estimation
  • Benchmarking
  • Project management
  • Progress measurement
  • Outsourcing management
  • Implementing metrics Center of Excellence
  • Bid planning
  • Standards compliance
  • Budget support
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