The International Software Benchmarking Standards Group (ISBSG) announces the introduction of the Productivity Data Query tool as a replacement for the Data portal. Now it becomes easy to select a subset of productivity, speed and quality data from the ISBSG database. Organizations that don’t wish to buy the full database in Excel can now subscribe to the online Productivity Query tool. This is very convenient if you need to do a quick estimate for a project or if you wish to check the reality value of a project proposal.

The PDQ tool works as follows: First the overall dataset is selected based on a few filters:

Productivity Data Query tool - data set selection

Then a selection can be made on the dataset by selecting the most appropriate project attributes. The number of matches is shown, as well as the 25th percentile, the median and the 75th percentile value for the Project delivery rate (hours per FP), the Speed of Delivery (FP per month) and the Defect Density (Defects per 1000 FP).

Productivity Data Query tool - project attributes

The PDQ tool helps project managers to estimate projects, releases and/or sets of, using industry data and international standards for functional sizing. Additionally, it becomes easy to assess the reality value of software development proposals and benchmarking completed projects.

After this step, it is possible to make a high-level project estimate based on the dataset selected and all the project attributes selected.

Productivity Data Query tool - project estimate

For more information, visit the site ISBSG PDQ website.

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