Webinar: Estimation in an Agile environment; waste or value?

Zoom meeting

Agile is probably the most important development methodology for IT and still increasing. With the increase of Agile and the decrease of traditional development methods is often the question “Do we still need to estimate? Do estimates in an Agile...

Software Cost Estimation Summit

Philharmonie Lange Begijnestraat 11, Haarlem, Netherlands

SCES ‘21 is a dual-mode summit meeting where leaders in the field of software cost estimation from industry, government and research share their insights and experience in forecasting the cost and other resources needed to complete a software intensive project within a defined scope.

IT Cost Management network event

De Soester Duinen, Soesterbergsestraat 188, Soest, The Netherlands Soesterbergsestraat 188, Soest, Netherlands

On May 10 Nesma organizes a network event with the following theme “IT Cost Management: How to control your projects and contracts with functional size?”. On this page you'll find all details about this event. Event program Details about the...

IT Cost Management Summit

Philharmonie Lange Begijnestraat 11, Haarlem, Netherlands

Cost Management of IT Projects and IT Contracts is a great concern to many organizations. Many organizations are struggling to get control of their IT spendings, while others have all the insights they need to made fact-based decisions on their IT....


Webinar: Practical Applications of ISBSG Data

As a consultant in IT Metrics for many years, Harold Van Heeringen has extensively used ISBSG Data. The data has provided a benchmark for the estimation and planning of IT projects, for client organizations. In this webinar, Harold uses his...