Software Cost Estimation, a new discipline in IT

Software Cost Estimation has become a new discipline in IT in addition to other disciplines like Software Architecture and Software Project Management. Software Cost Estimator is the profession for estimation the costs of a software or IT solution that is created based on business needs. Cost estimation ensures that software projects will be successful in traditional as well in Agile deliveries. In traditional lifecycles cost estimation will be applied to determine the overall solution costs; in Agile deliveries, cost estimation will determine the initial budget required to deliver the desired business value. A software cost estimator creates estimates based upon relevant historical data and by means of estimation and calculation models. Except cost, these estimates result in a schedule to deliver the defined solution as well as in an overview of the required resources.ICEAA conference presentation

Software Cost Estimation Body of Knowledge  (SCEBoK)

Nesma started her strategy towards Software Cost Estimation in 2014 resulting in a cooperation with ICEAA in 2015 to develop a Software Cost Estimation Body of Knowledge in addition to ICEAA’s Cost Estimation Body of Knowledge. Nesma and ICEAA in cooperation with several international organizations and professionals in the software industry worked on the development of a Software Cost Estimation Body of Knowledge (SCEBoK) and the first modules where presented at the ICEAA Conference in Portland in 2017. At the ICEAA Conference in Tampa in 2019 and the IWSM Conference in the Netherland in 2019 we’ve presented 16 SCEBoK modules but it was not possible yet to have a SCEBoK exam.

SCEBoK the next steps

ICEAA started a new initiative in 2020 to further professionalize the SCEBoK, with a planning to have a final release of the SCEBoK early 2021. Nesma is honored to be still involved in this initiative and will continue with the Nesma working group that is working on the promotion of the Software Cost Estimation discipline in Europe and Asia.

Do you want to participate in Software Cost Estimation?

Nesma will continue with the Software Cost Estimation working group to promote the discipline in Europe and Asia. Would you like to receive more information on Software Cost Estimation or do you want to participate? Visit the website of Nesma or ICEAA, follow the SCEBoK group on LinkedIn or send an e-mail to