Reliable tooling is crucial for benchmarking

Benchmarking is usually done using some software tool that includes benchmark data and benchmark process knowledge. The most well-known tools are (in alphabetical order):

See the sites of their suppliers for more information.

Nesma is gold member of International Software Benchmarking Standards Group (ISBSG). This is an independent not-for-profit organization that collects industry data for projects (new developments, releases, enhancements) and maintenance (maintenance and support). The ISBSG data are ‘open’ and can be licensed by anyone in their raw (MS Excel) format. Nesma advises to use ISBSG productivity data for benchmarking, as transparency is key. See also the page Sources of benchmark data.

An example of a project benchmarked against its peer group is given below. In this example the red dot is the project being benchmarked. Its position below the benchmark line indicates it is cheaper than most other projects of comparable size.

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