The sCEBoK exam will be split in two levels:

  • Foundation
  • Advanced

The Foundation exam will required basic knowledge of the sCEBoK and some experience in the role of Software Cost Estimator and is meant to fulfil the role of Software Cost Estimator in smaller to medium sized projects with a low or average complexity. The Advanced exam will require a more advanced level of knowledge of the sCEBoK and experience and is meant for Software Cost Estimators involved in larger and more complex projects. More detailed criteria will be provided later. The sCEBoK program will first focus on the development of the Foundation exam, followed by the Advanced exam.

First exams

The first Foundation Professional Software Cost Estimator certification is planned to be available in May 2019 at the ICEAA conference in Tampa, Florida. The next certification will be provided at the IWSM conference in November 2019 in Haarlem, the Netherlands. After the first certifications an on-line an exam will be provided to make the certification available to a larger international audience.