There is a lot of information on software metrics available on the web, but where do you find the most valuable information? To help you get started we have selected some website Nesma considers useful.

ASSEMIASSEMIAssociation pour l'étude des métriques informatiques
AEMESAEMESAsociación Española de Métricas del Software
BFPUGBFPUGBrazilian Function Point Users Group
COSMICCommon Software Measurement International Consortium
DASMADASMADeutsche Anwendergruppe für Software Metrik und Aufwandschätzung
FiSMAFISMAFinnish Software Metrics Association
GUFPI-ISMAGUFPI-ISMAGruppo Utenti Function Point Italia -
Italian Software Metrics Association
IFPUGInternational Function Point Users Group
ISBSGInternational Software Benchmarking Standards Group
JFPUGJFPUGJapan Function Point Users Group
MAINMetrics Associations International Network
PoSMAPoSMAPolish Software Metrics Association
QESPQESPQuantitative Enterprise Software Performance
UKSMAUKSMAUnited Kingdom Software Metrics Association

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