Nesma has structured much of her knowledge on software metrics into documents that address a specific topic.


  • Nesma standard The Nesma counting guideline and directly related documents, most of them are paid documents
  • Guides Guides written by Nesma professionals for specific topics
  • Historic publications Valuable publications that may be partially outdated
  • ISBSG special analysis papers Insightful analysis based on the ISBSG data repositories – free for Nesma members!
  • Articles Documents on software measurement related topics, written by Nesma members in public media. These documents vary from magazine articles, to conference research publications and university theses
  • COSMIC Dutch translation by Nesma of some COSMIC key documents, free. The current English documents and other translations may be downloaded from the COSMIC website;


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Overview of all downloads

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Note that we have a number of these publications in Chinese also! See Chinese publications.

Standard and related documents

Platinum memberGold memberIndividual memberRegistered userFull price
FPA Counting guidelines (v2.3) hardcopyEnglish2018€ 84,=€ 89,=€ 94,=€ 99,=€ 99,=   Order
Handboek Telrichtlijnen (v2.3) hardcopyDutch2018€ 84,=€ 89,=€ 94,=€ 99,=€ 99,=   Order
FPA-Casus HotelDutch2010Free€ 10,=€ 20,=€ 40,=
FPA-Casus Hotel (uitwerking)Dutch2010Free€ 10,=€ 10,=€ 20,=
FPA-case HotelEnglish2014Free€ 10,=€ 20,=€ 40,=
FPA-Case “Hotel” case elaborationEnglish2014Free€ 10,=€ 10,=€ 20,=
Análise de Pontos de Função InicialPortuguese2015FreeFreeFreeFree  Download  
Early Function Point AnalysisJapanese2006FreeFreeFreeFree  Download  
Early Function Point AnalysisEnglish2015FreeFreeFreeFree  Download  
Functiepuntanalyse in het voortrajectDutch2015FreeFreeFreeFree  Download  
FPA volgens Nesma en IFPUGDutch2015FreeFreeFreeFree  Download  
FPA according to Nesma and IFPUGEnglish2015FreeFreeFreeFree  Download  
Aanvullende voorbeeldenDutch2014 2015FreeFreeFreeFree  Download  
Additional examplesEnglish2014 2015FreeFreeFreeFree  Download  


Platinum memberGold memberIndividual memberRegistered userFull price
Estimating Packaged SoftwareEnglish2016Free€ 10,=€ 20,=€ 40,=
APF para Melhoria de SoftwarePortuguese2010Free€ 10,=€ 20,=€ 40,=
Onderhoud en FunctiepuntanalyseDutch2009Free€ 10,=€ 20,=€ 40,=
Functional Sizing in een SOA-gebaseerde omgevingDutch2013Free€ 10,=€ 20,=€ 40,=
Bijlage Gids SOA VoorbeelduitwerkingenDutch2013Free€ 10,=€ 15,=€ 20,=
FPA applied to Data WarehousingEnglish2014Free€ 10,=€ 20,=€ 40,=
FPA toegepast bij Data WarehousingDutch2012Free€ 10,=€ 20,=€ 40,=
Mini Guide: Functional TestingEnglish2016Free€ 10,=€ 20,=€ 40,=in progress
FPA in Early PhasesEnglish2005Free€ 10,=€ 20,=€ 40,=
FPA toegepast in het voortrajectDutch2003Free€ 10,=€ 20,=€ 40,=
Functional Sizing Reference ModelEnglish2001Free€ 10,=€ 20,=€ 40,=
FPA applied to UML/Use CasesEnglish2008Free€ 10,=€ 20,=€ 40,=
FPA toegepast bij UML en Use CasesDutch2008Free€ 10,=€ 20,=€ 40,=
Basis of Measurement (BOM)English2014Free€ 10,=€ 20,=€ 40,=
74R-13: Basis of Estimate (BoE)English2014FreeFreeFreeFree

Software Metrics in Contract

Platinum memberGold memberIndividual memberRegistered userFull price
[1] Guideline for the use of software metrics in contractsEnglish2015FreeFreeFreeFree  Download  
[2] Mini Guide for Development MethodologiesEnglish--Free€ 10,=€ 20,=€ 40,=in progress
[3] Mini Guide for MaintenanceEnglish--Free€ 10,=€ 20,=€ 40,=in progress
[4] Mini Guide for ManagementEnglish--Free€ 10,=€ 20,=€ 40,=
[5] Mini Guide for RFP questionsEnglish--Free€ 10,=€ 20,=€ 40,=
[6] Mini Guide for Functional QualityEnglish--Free€ 10,=€ 20,=€ 40,=in progress
[7] Mini Guide for Pricing MechanismsEnglish--Free€ 10,=€ 20,=€ 40,=in progress
[8] Mini Guide for Technical QualityEnglish--Free€ 10,=€ 20,=€ 40,=
[9] Mini Guide for Assessing Suppliers PerformanceEnglish2015Free€ 10,=€ 20,=€ 40,=
[10] Mini Guide for Software Metrics in contractsEnglish--Free€ 10,=€ 20,=€ 40,=in progress
[11] Mini Guide: Requirements for Supplier OrganizationsEnglish--Free€ 10,=€ 20,=€ 40,=in progress
[12] Mini Guide: Requirements for Customer OrganizationsEnglish--Free€ 10,=€ 20,=€ 40,=in progress

Historical publications

Platinum memberGold memberIndividual memberRegistered userFull price
Measure Knowledge Action! hardcopyEnglish2004Free€ 10,=€ 20,=€ 40,=
SoftwaremetriekenDutch2002Free€ 10,=€ 20,=€ 40,=
Begrotingsmodel ExploitatielastenDutch1998Free€ 10,=€ 20,=€ 40,=
Profonder ProductiviteitsattributenDutch1995Free€ 10,=€ 20,=€ 40,=
Handboek begrotenDutch1992Free€ 10,=€ 20,=€ 40,=

ISBSG Special Reports

Platinum memberGold memberIndividual memberRegistered userFull price
Estimates - How accurate are theyEnglish2005FreeFree€ 20,=€ 40,=
Planning projects - Role/effort ratiosEnglishFreeFree€ 20,=€ 40,=
Early lifecycle software estimationEnglishFreeFree€ 20,=€ 40,=
Team Size impact on productivity and deliveryEnglishFreeFree€ 20,=€ 40,=
Software Project Costs - Analysis ReportEnglishFreeFree€ 20,=€ 40,=
Package Customisation - What to expectEnglishFreeFree€ 20,=€ 40,=
Managing your M&S environmentEnglish2012FreeFree€ 20,=€ 40,=
Outsourcing Offshoring InhouseEnglishFreeFree€ 20,=€ 40,=
Project Characteristics that Impact ProductivityEnglishFreeFree€ 20,=€ 40,=
Project Durations by Size and EffortEnglishFreeFree€ 20,=€ 40,=
Software Defect DensityEnglish2010FreeFree€ 20,=€ 40,=
Software Project CostsEnglishFreeFree€ 20,=€ 40,=
Team Size Impact on PDREnglishFreeFree€ 20,=€ 40,=
Techniques & ToolsEnglishFreeFree€ 20,=€ 40,=
The Performance of Real TIme vs Business AppsEnglishFreeFree€ 20,=€ 40,=
Web ProjectsEnglishFreeFree€ 20,=€ 40,=
Software Industry Performance (SIP) ReportEnglishFreeFree€ 20,=€ 40,=
Government and Non-Government Software Project PerformanceEnglishFreeFree€ 20,=€ 40,=
The Performance of Business Application, Real-Time and Component Software ProjectsEnglishFreeFree€ 20,=€ 40,=
Country Analysis Report – ISBSG report, analysis by countryEnglishFreeFree€ 20,=€ 40,=
Impact of Software Size on ProductivityEnglishFreeFree€ 20,=€ 40,=
Estimate Agile team sizeEnglish2017FreeFreeFreeFree

Articles by Nesma members

FPA according to Nesma and IFPUGEnglishAdri Timp2015
FPA volgens Nesma en IFPUGDutchAdri Timp2015
Historisch overzicht Nesma en IFPUGDutchAdri Timp2015
Using Nesma function point analysis in an Agile contextEnglishRoel van Rijswijck
Master thesis
Nesma ontwikkelt nieuw beleid richting 2020DutchTon Dekkers2013
Scrum en functiepuntenDutchJolijn Onvlee, Rini van Solingen2012
Why software matters in capital projectsEnglishTon Dekkers, Eric van der Vliet, Frank Vogelezang2012
Beyond perception: Peeking over the wall to get real controlEnglishEric van der Vliet, Paul Siemons2012
Smart measurements to achieve productivity improvement and project controlEnglishEric van der Vliet2010
Functional size measurement – accuracy versus costs – is it really
worth it?
EnglishHarold van Heeringen, Edwin van Gorp, Theo Prins2009
Functiepuntanalyse leeftDutchJolijn Onvlee, Adri Timp2004
Begroten van systeemonderhoudDutchHennie Huijgens, Elles Rozema2000
Het beheersen van de exploitatiekosten van informatiesystemenDutchHenry Peters, Hans Bakkenist1998

COSMIC – Dutch translations

PublicationLanguageYearFull price
COSMIC Case Study – Web Advice ModuleEnglish2014
COSMIC MeethandboekDutch2008
COSMIC Methode OverzichtDutch2008
COSMIC Documentatie Overzicht en BegrippenlijstDutch2008

Statutes & bylaws

Huishoudelijk ReglementDutch2001

Annual Member Assembly minutes

ALV 2015 uitnodigingDutch2015  Download  
ALV 2014 verslagDutch2014
ALV 2014 uitnodigingDutch2014
ALV 2013 verslagDutch2013  Download  
ALV 2013 uitnodigingDutch2013  Download  
ALV 2012 verslagDutch2012  Download  
ALV 2012 uitnodigingDutch2012  Download  
ALV 2011 verslagDutch2011  Download  
ALV 2011 uitnodigingDutch2011  Download  
ALV 2010 verslagDutch2010  Download  
ALV 2010 uitnodigingDutch2010  Download  
ALV 2009 verslagDutch2009  Download  
ALV 2009 uitnodigingDutch2009  Download  
ALV 2008 verslagDutch2008  Download  
ALV 2008 uitnodigingDutch2008  Download  

Experienced Analysts’ minutes

Notulen bijeenkomst ervaren analistenDutchJune 23, 2016
Notulen bijeenkomst ervaren analistenDutchJune 4, 2015
Notulen bijeenkomst ervaren analistenDutchNovember 27, 2014
Notulen bijeenkomst ervaren analistenDutchJune 10, 2013
Notulen bijeenkomst ervaren analistenDutchDecember 10, 2012
Notulen bijeenkomst ervaren analistenDutchJune 9, 2011
Notulen bijeenkomst ervaren analistenDutchMarch 25, 2010
Notulen bijeenkomst ervaren analistenDutchMay 11, 2009
Notulen bijeenkomst ervaren analistenDutchOctober 1, 2008