The sCEBoK is an initiative of not for profit organizations with support of industry organizations, tool providers, research centers and universities. To make this sCEBoK successful and to be able to provide a high quality certification, further participation is required. We are looking for support from organizations in Asia, Europe, US and Mid- South America that have software cost estimation knowledge and experience and are willing to support this initiative. Support can consist of developing a sCEBoK module, reviewing modules, creating questions for the exam or support in making the sCEBoK consistent as an editor. In all cases your name will be mentioned as a participant in the final material.

More information?

Would you like to receive more information with respect to the sCEBoK or are you eager to participate? Visit the website of Nesma or ICEAA, follow the sCEBoK group on Linked-in or send an E-mail to