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Webinar Agile Team Performance Measurement

Online: from your own computer

Join Our Webinar: Agile Team Performance Measurement While traditional performance metrics often measure individual output or adherence to pre-defined plans, measuring performance in agile teams requires a different approach. Agile teams operate in iterative cycles, prioritizing adaptability and learning over...

Webinar Introduction to the Software Cost Estimation certification

Online: from your own computer

Join Our Webinar: Software Cost Estimation, and get certified! If you are involved in estimating software development projects, becoming a certified software cost estimator is paramount in today's dynamic and competitive business landscape. Certification not only validates one's proficiency in...

CEBOK-S training

Van der Valk Hotel Delft Peuldreef 3, Delft

Are you passionate about mastering the art of software cost estimation? Look no further, as we present to you an opportunity to enhance your skills and gain valuable insights from international experts. Join us for the CEBOK-S Training on October...