• To describe the way software metrics are often used in contracts and the reasons why this is the reason many projects fail to deliver the expected product in time, in budget and with sufficient quality
  • To describe the way software metrics should be applied in contracts between IT customers and IT suppliers


  • Hans Kuijpers, SIG (silla)
  • Frans Schoot Uiterkamp, UWV
  • Hans Bernink,
  • Rini Scholten, Registro de la Propiedad
  • Marcel Pereboom, Mediaan
  • Tim Schijffelen, SysQA
  • Frank Vogelezang, Metros
  • Hans Vonk, QSM
  • Richard Sweer, Elegido


The committee is planning to publish to following products:

  • Guideline for metrics in contracts

And a number of mini guides for the following subjects

  • Development methodologies
  • Mantenimiento
  • Management
  • RFP Questions
  • Calidad funcional
  • Pricing Mechanisms
  • Technical Quality
  • Assessing Suppliers Performance
  • Métricas de software en contratos
  • Requisitos para organizaciones proveedoras
  • Requisitos para organizaciones de clientes

Estado del comité:

  • The committee is very active and will start publishing documents in the course of 2015. Please check the publications page to see which documents are already published.