Nesma celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2014!

Nesma used to be an acronym for Netherlands Software Metrics users Association. However, Nesma now has restructured itself to become an independent international organization focused on software metrics and software measurement.

More than just points

Nesma still is the guard of one of the most important (ISO/IEC) certified standards for functional size measurement of software and for a long time, it was mainly concerned about the sizing aspect of software metrics. However, as the software industry slowly matures and software metrics are used more and more to support important business decisions, Nesma has chosen to adopt the slogan: Nesma, more than just points. The meaning of this is that while sizing (e.g. function points or other size measures) remain an important aspect of the use of software metrics, in practice it is actually the application of what people wish to do with the measured size that is of true importance to the industry.

Nesma wishes to provide objective and independent information on the use of software metrics in business areas like software project estimation, software benchmarking, outsourcing based on software metrics, productivity measurement and management, project control and sizing methods.

Nesma offers its members information and the possibility to exchange knowledge, ideas, models, data  and research on the topics mentioned above with leading experts worldwide.

Nesma is:

  • Not-for-profit;
  • Independent;
  • Objective;
  • Organized and managed by volunteers;
  • Active and progressive.

Nesma wishes to:

  • Spread knowledge about software measurement and software metrics;
  • Act as a Body of Knowledge for the industry regarding the use of software metrics in all business areas;
  • Remain independent, objective and not-for-profit;
  • Research the applicability of software metrics in all business areas;
  • Connect relevant organizations in the industry that Nesma feels are expert in one of the areas where software measurement and metrics are important;
  • Produce relevant guidelines, reports and other information products that are useful for the software industry;
  • Produce a platform where people can discuss issues they experience with software measurement and metrics or where they can exchange ideas and/or knowledge.

Nesma can only exist when people support it by buying its products and by becoming a member. Please check why it is interesting for you to become a member here.