Nesma has been founded as the ‘Nederlandse Software Metrieken Gebruikers Associatie’ on May 12 1989, by the name of ‘NEFPUG’ ( Vereniging Nederlandse Functie Punt Gebruikers). The reason for this was that Nesma users did not agree with some of the counting guidelines in the IFPUG measurement manual at that time, which were perceived as being ‘too technical’. The organization was one of the first FPA user organizations in the world. Nesma developed the NESMA standard for functional size measurement, which became an ISO/IEC standard. Nesma adopted a purely functional view from the beginning and later, IFPUG adhered more and more to the the ideas of Nesma. Nowadays, very few differences between the IFPUG method and the Nesma method exist. The industry therefore considers the functional size in Nesma Function points to be about equal to the functional size in function points. Nesma is a not-for-profit organization, run by volunteers. Nesma is actively advancing the industry, by the means of forming work groups that get the task to research certain topics and come up with a product in order to help the industry. Recent examples of such products are:

  • Basis of Estimate for software projects, now a recommended practice by the American Association of Cost Engineering (AACE);
  • Sizing and Estimation of Package implementations;
  • FPA and quality metrics in contract(ing) – Management Guideline;
  • FPA early in the project lifecycle;
  • and many more!

Although Nesma carried ‘software metrics’ in the name, for a long time the focus of Nesma was the Nesma method for functional sizing. In 2011, the Nesma board decided to draw up a strategy with the name Nesma2020. The organization shifted from an FPA user group to an organization that provides information about the applied use of software metrics: estimation, benchmarking, productivity measurement, outsourcing and project control. Nesma wishes to connect organizations and individuals involved in software metrics and Nesma wishes to provide the body of knowledge in the area of software measurement and metrics to the entire industry.