Informal network event 

A lot is happening in Nesma as part of the 2020 strategy. The scope will be extended from sizing and metrics to Software Cost Estimation, the latest trend in IT. There will be a certification for Software Cost Estimator (in cooperation with ICEAA) and Nesma will organize the IWSM conference in the Netherlands in October 2019. Nesma would like to share its vision and plans with Nesma members and all other people who are interested in Software Cost Estimation. It will be a great network event in Café Klinkhamer (part of De Soester Duinen). This event will consist of short presentations, followed by drinks and bites, during which we will discuss the plans with each other. The drinks and bites are provided by Nesma and powered by Galorath and METRI. 


Details network drinks:   

Below you can find all details about the event:  

  • For who? Nesma members and other people interested in Software Cost Estimation.
  • When? Wednesday June 5 2019, from 16:00 till 19:00 o’clock.
  • Where? Café Klinkhamer, Soester Duinen, Soesterbergsestraat 188, Soest, Netherlands.
  • What? Drinks, bites, networking and short updates about the future of Nesma.

Will you join?  

Are you a Nesma member, introduce or are you interested in Software Cost Estimation? Then make sure to save the date in your agenda and sign up here for this great network event! Registration is free.