Eric van der Vliet, Ton Dekkers, Frank Vogelezang

In the last years the role of software in daily life becomes more and more dominant. It’s not limited anymore tothe traditional domains, the administrative organisations (Government, Banking) and the High Tech industries (e.g. Aerospace, Automotive and Medical). Software gets also incorporated in the low cost bulk domestic domain (Consumer Electronics) and the high cost “unique” domain (e.g. Infrastructure and Energy).
The mentioned industries, Infrastructure and Energy, are known for the high capital expenditure (CAPEX) projects. Software (Development) costs are most of the time a marginal component in the overall cost. However a number of situations occurred where software was crucial to the delivery milestone. Software has become more critical to these CAPEX projects.This requires a different focus on the measurement and the prediction / estimation models for software. For the traditional software service providers the most relevant issues are cost, the proposal or the (internal) offering has to be competitive. These elements are still valid (who wants to spend too much?) but in these new environments other elements are more relevant. On time delivery with the related quality and meeting standards is key.


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