Eric van der Vliet

Gerade in wirtschaftlich schlechten Zeiten wird verstärkt auf Kostenreduzierung und Kostenkontrolle geachtet. Dies ist auch in IT-Organisationen erkennbar, wo der Fokus auf der Verbesserung der Planbarkeit von Projekten liegt. A commonly used approach is measuring the effort related to a project size. Examples of project size are function points or COSMIC function points. The perceived benefit is that it gives insight into the productivity of the organization. A disadvantage is that if improvement is required it is difficult to get insight to the real problem. Insight to the real problem requires a more detailed analysis of the delivery processes and this is where the Lean Six Sigma theory can help. Lean Six Sigma focuses on the analysis of processes and the use of statistics and is often used in production environments. By defining smart measurements, the same type of techniques can be used to improve the project delivery process and get a better project control within an IT organization.