When performing a benchmark it can be useful to be aware of the differences in counting guidelines between the Nesma and IFPUG FPA methods. From 1990 on Nesma and IFPUG have worked closely together to define a common standard. Between 1990 and 2004 the IFPUG counting guidelines have gone through several revisions. Practically, this has resulted in a continually lower function point count for IFPUG for the same functional sample. In 2004 IFPUG CPM 4.2 was released. Since then the FPA guidelines of IFPUG and Nesma are almost the same.

This document describes the present-day differences in the Nesma and IFPUG counting guidelines. If you are interested in “what and when” was changed, please consult the separate document: “Historical review NESMA & IFPUG” (available in Dutch only).


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