Frank Vogelezang, Bert Veenstra, Cor van Dongen, Johan de Vries, Joyce Span en Hessel Bijlsma

For most of the custom developed software the size estimation method as developed by Sogeti has proven to be very useful. Estimating the functional size of applications that were built in the Oracle e-Business Suite (eBS) package appeared to be difficult. Available eBS modules consist of a huge amount of functionality that can be used to configure or construct desired functionality for the end-users. For the purpose of the Ministry of agriculture, nature and food quality the functionality that is available for the end-user is what should be estimated, not the entire functionality of the available eBS modules.
With a group of eBS and FPA specialists we have been able to distinguish the eBS elements that constitute the available user functionality. Most of these elements can be determined by intelligent queries on the eBS repository. For only two of the characteristics that are used in the estimation method, queries could not give adequate enough results. For these characteristics system documentation had to be used.
This functional size estimation technique has been devised to work equally well in an environment with relatively pure eBS functionality as in environments with a lot of customization within eBS module functionality.


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