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    Leandro Kirsch

    Hi All,

    Recently in another post Change Factors in NESMA FPA I get contact to Portuguese version of FPA for Software Enhancement document and after reading fully English and Portuguese documents and doing small scan in Dutch version I realize that there is an opportunity to enhance a bit the Portuguese version.

    • FPA for Software Enhancement EN v2.2.1
    • APF para Melhoria de Software PT v2.2.1
    • Onderhoud en functiepuntanalyse, richtlijnen (Dutch) v2.2.1

    My point is that prior to get contact to above material I heard from several people that FPA for Software Enhancement was a NESMA standard and even if you navigate onto the web today you will see the word ‘standard’ linked to these guidelines or artifacts build on top of these guidelines. Although these guidelines clearly mention that is not part of NESMA ISO standard 24570 somehow this concept is happening in Brazil IT market.
    Coming back to the NESMA documents I come up with one assumption for that. The Portuguese version was made based only in the English version of the document and I’m inferring that lead to a small translation/interpretation problem that allowed and/or foster misunderstand in Brazil IT market.
    Here is my study regarding the words used to describe the guide for Enhancement Software:

    In Dutch: gebruiksgids, in English: guide, in Portuguese: guia;
    In Dutch: richtlijnen, in English: guideline, in Portuguese diretriz

    There is no mistake to translate the English work guideline to Portuguese ‘diretriz’, however by doing that we are given in Portuguese a higher degree than a guide, diretriz is usually a common word used in ISO related standard as well as norm, pattern, rule and standard itself.

    Doing Dutch -> Portuguese -> English translations we can realize better the deviation I’m trying to explain:

    In Dutch: richtlijnen, in Portuguese: orientações, in English: guideline
    In Dutch: gebruiksgids, in Portuguese: guia dos usuários, in English: users guide

    The Nesma Portuguese version uses word ‘diretriz’ only in the cover page and uses the word ‘guia’ in the rest of document. I would suggest to replace the word ‘diretriz’ by ‘guia’ in the cover page. That sounds very small change but I think would at least stop to lead people to misunderstand Enhancement Software as Nesma standard and understand that is only a user guide.

    I’m assuming mates from FATTO helped in the Portuguese version, might be interesting to involve then in the discussion. I do not found any suggestion for at end of English and Portuguese versions so assuming it is fine to the suggestion over the web/forum topic.

    Best Regards,
    Leandro Kirsch

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