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Jacqueline Eshuis

Each project has its own productivity. I know that for certain customers the productivity is always lower than the trendlines from QSM or ISBSG. There are several reasons for this, like: complexity of the project/environment, time pressure, lots of CRs getting approved, etc.

If you compare against those situations, it will be hard to prove productivity/comparing companies, so you might easily choose the wrong one.

QSM NL has a statement on one of the walls inside there building, it looks like this: ‘If you focus on productivity you will loose quality, if you focus on quality you will gain productivity’.

Ippei Nojima

nice post

Ian Alyss


This is a very valuable statement. We intend to manage both on cost and quality. Do you have some examples on how we can balance quality and productivity? The presentations that Harold shared focus on productivity, which is useful, but how should I incorporate quality in this?

Any feedback welcome.


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