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    Rabindra Nayak


    I am looking for any available benchmarks for the metrics like:
    1) Function Points (FP) productivity per Person Month
    2) Cost per FP in USD or any currency for New Development and Enhancement type of work

    for some of the languages like Visual Basic, Cobol, Java, .NET, C/C++ etc.

    Let me know, if any of you can provide some info. Thanks in advance!

    – TG


    Hi Thomas,

    The ISBSG data repository can help you with question 1. A new version has just been released, which Nesma members can obtain against a substantial discount. This contains the data of over 2000 projects provided in MS Excel.

    For the second question, (and the first one as well), ISBSG does not provide cost data. However, commercial benchmarking companies like METRI can help you there. Please contact me if you need more information.

    Best regards, Harold

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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