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    Ye olde Phorum

    COSMIC-talk is a discussion group focused on software metric, project measurement and related subjects impacting software development and maintenance, outsourcing, and process improvement based on the COSMIC standard.
    COSMIC-talk works by the publication of tweets identified by the hashtag #cosmictalk

    Weekly sessions start at 10:00 hours WET with a one-hour Tweetoriel followed by a period of comment and discussion facilitated until 13:00 hours WET (more loosely time passing). The chosen day will generally be a Wednesday but will depend on the current events of the week. The final schedule will be announced on @Telmaco during the preceding week.
    After the session the twitterstream will be published on the Telmaco website.

    Subscribe free to http://twitter.com/Telmaco
    Search for the hashtag #cosmictalk
    Then, communicate as extensively as you wish.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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