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Join Our Webinar on Benchmarking In this webinar, the focus is on Benchmarking, and we investigate the questions: Why would you Benchmark application development and Maintenance? How can you benchmark this? 📅 Date: Thursday 18-04-2024 🕒 Time: 13.00 CET 📍 Virtual...

Webinar Agile Team Performance Measurement

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Join Our Webinar: Agile Team Performance Measurement While traditional performance metrics often measure individual output or adherence to pre-defined plans, measuring performance in agile teams requires a different approach. Agile teams operate in iterative cycles, prioritizing adaptability and learning over...

Webinar Introduction to the Software Cost Estimation certification

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Join Our Webinar: Software Cost Estimation, and get certified! If you are involved in estimating software development projects, becoming a certified software cost estimator is paramount in today's dynamic and competitive business landscape. Certification not only validates one's proficiency in...