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XP2015 – Schattingen in de 21st Century Software Engineering


Deze workshop is gericht op het verkennen en interactief bespreken van de impact van grote verschuivingen in 21st Century Software Engineering op schattingspraktijken en -resultaten.

  • De eerste is de verschuiving naar behendigheid en slankheid in softwareontwikkeling. Being lean and agile is reflected both in practices (bv. time-boxing) and in outcomes (ability to change depending on needs and context).
  • The second shift is towards distribution of operations; software engineering tasks are not co-located anymore. Organizations are defining new business models in order to distribute their development within a country and/or across borders to get benefits such as low cost, hoge productiviteit, access to large skilled labor pool, market access, high quality and time shifting.
  • The third shift relates to the nature of the software systems. Today software systems are often embedded in hardware, highly networked, or mobile. Verder, the scale of the systems has increased.

Ook, these trends have interactions (such as distributed large-scale agile software development). These have major implications on estimations in software engineering. The shifts currently pushing the research community to change from traditional estimation approaches to new ones that can address the needs of the 21st century software engineering.


Aalto University
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Marina Congress Center
Katajanokanlaituri 6
Helsinki, Finland
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+358 09 16661
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