Pratica internazionale raccomandata per la creazione di una base di misurazione per prodotti software e servizi software (inglese)

The primary intent of this Recommended Practice is to provide a guideline for the topics and contents to be included in a typical Basis of Measurement. tuttavia, before describing the template contents there are a few points of significance worth noting. A Basis of Measurement should:

  • Clearly define the purpose of the measurement program, the intended users and the usage of the measurements by this users;
  • Establish the context, scope and constraints of the measurement program;
  • Secure the execution of the measurement program and the assimilation of the results within the organizational control processes;
  • Clearly define information needs, indicators, metrica, data and measurements including their units of measure;
  • Clearly define the entities that will be measured and the corresponding attributes;
  • Describe tools, techniques and measurement & analysis methodologies to be used;
  • Identify personnel involved in a measurement program and their roles;
  • Be factually and complete, but concise.


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