With the transition to version 2.3 of the Nesma Standard Counting Guidelines, the Nesma Board has decided to replace the old CFPA Register by a new Register. As the differences between Nesma 2.1 (English) / 2.2 (Dutch) and Nesma 2.3 are not significant, everybody who has her/his name in the old CFPA Register can apply for a place in the new register without any additional exams.

Everyone who is certified as a function point analyst and wishes to be included in the new CFPA register is asked to apply for a place in the new register by filling in a registration form. In this form Nesma will ask permission to add your name to the register and Nesma will ask for evidence that you are a certified function point analyst. (A record in the old register is sufficient).

In a few months the new CFPA Register will be published on this page.