After a succesful pilot during the IWSM conference in 2014 in Rotterdam the CFPA it is now possible to do the exam in English on a regular basis. The exams will mostly take place in conjunction with international conferences. When there is no convenient exam location available, please contact the board to discuss additional options.

When the exam is held in conjunction with a conference or event, you are not required to pay the conference fee if you only want to do the exam.

International exams (in English) are organized by Nesma, under supervision of Eureka. Take a look at the special page for CFPA exams in English with the location details for the international exams.

The price for the international exam depends on your Nesma membership and the location:

In the Netherlands:

  • 700 EUR for non-members
  • 450 EUR for members

Outside the Netherlands:

Prices depend on your membership, the location and the number of participants.
Send your request for a quote to Nesma.


For registration go to the Eureka registration page.