ISBSG Data Repository
New Developments & Enhancements – single user license

Nesma is a Gold partner of the International Software Benchmarking Standards Group (ISBSG). One of the partner benefits is the ability to resell the industry data licenses to Nesma members with a discount. If you order the data through Nesma, there is a substantial discount, depending on your membership type.

The New Developments & Enhancements repository contains an Excel file with over 8000 rows, each row representing one new development project, enhancement project (release) or (series of) sprints. To download a few sample records of the data, click here. For the demographics of the data in this repository, click here.

Purchasing this repository will give you a single user license for this repository the that is valid for one year, without the right to get updates during the year for free. If you need access to all ISBSG data, including updates, the Productivity Query Tool, all special analysis reports and other products, please purchase the corporate subscription.