Announcement practice meeting Sizing & Cost drivers

On June 11 the first practice meeting of the Nesma practice Sizing & Cost drivers will be held.

The concept of practices was introduced within Nesma in 2017. Sizing & Cost drivers is the core practice within Nesma to translate software to measurable units and contains the following working groups:

This practice meeting replaces the experienced analysts round-table that was aimed at exchanging experiences with the Nesma FPA standard. The agenda of this first meeting will contain of course a lot of information on the new Nesma standard that has, but also the developments in the other areas mentioned above.

The practice meeting is open to everyone with an interest in the area of Sizing & Cost drivers. But seats are limited, so please reserve your seat by sending an e-mail to

More information and details of the agenda will be published on the website.

The practice meeting will be held at June 11 from 13.00 – 16.00 in the office of Garansys, Janssoniuslaan 80  3528 AJ Utrecht (the Netherlands).

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