Persiguiendo la revitalización de la Asociación que lleva a cabo UKSMA:

una conferencia UKSMA en Londres en mayo 2018

La conferencia brinda la oportunidad de compartir experiencias, ideas, papeles academicos, estudios de caso, y estrategias para ampliar la relevancia, atractivo y beneficio de la medición para la gestión de la adquisición de software, desarrollo, testing and maintenance/support.

Under the heading “Making Measurement Count” we are looking for submissions that will help give attendees practical views, ideas and experience in the “how to do”. We are keen to keep the theme wide ranging to reflect the increasingly diverse nature of software measurement and changes in the software development community.

We have the following suggested topic areas :

  • Automation
    • Medición de tamaño funcional
    • Making Automated Testing possible
  • Objective measurement v Experiential size evaluation
    • Managing Change and Churn in Agile
    • Esfuerzo & Estimación de costos
    • How new standards can be applied and followed
    • Requisitos
  • Quality of requirements
  • Standards in Requirements Definition
  • Defining Requirements that are measurable
    • Effective management of Outsourcing contracts
    • How effective measurement can help you be more cost effective and reduce overheads

Case studies of these topics that provide a balanced view of the development and uses of measurement would be particularly welcome.

You are invited to submit papers or presentations to
Please submit a short description (a précis) summarising your presentation. Each presenter has 45 minutes, including 10 minutes for questions. It would be appreciated if you would indicate your intention to submit a paper as soon as possible even if a précis is not yet available, so that we can gauge the response.

The deadline for Précis submission is 9th February 2018.

Notification of acceptance will by 28th February 2018.

Download the full CfP

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