Feedback report to the Nesma community

大家都知道, NESMA认为软件项目的历史数据和一个极其重要的维护的有效性,为行业. 因此NESMA是国际软件基准用户组的一名骄傲的成员 (ISBSG). 这不是以营利为目的的组织收集行业项目数据 (新发展和维护 & 支持) 通过基于数据做出更好的决策来帮助行业发展.

一年一次, ISBSG举办了一个研讨会,邀请成员讨论和影响战略, 产品, 数据收集过程和其他问题. This year, the focus has mainly been on Agile and DevOps team data. Metrics associations all over the world recognize the ‘problem’ in the industry, where self-managing teams use non-standardized units of measurement (story points) for sprint estimation and progress measurement. It is commonly recognized that this is perfectly OK for the teams, but for budgeting and financial management processes in the organization, standardized metrics are still crucial for estimation, progress measurement, portfolio management and benchmarking. Nesma recognizes this, which is one of the reasons Nesma started the creation of the Software Cost Estimation Body of Knowledge together with ICEAA. ISBSG acknowledges this and wishes to collect as much Agile and DevOps data from the industry as possible, also to show the actual differences between agile and traditional development methodologies.

At the Annual General Meeting, Nesma board member 哈罗德Heeringen was re-elected as ISBSG president, which is great news for Nesma and ensures optimal connection to the ISBSG and the data collected and provided.


IT Confidence conference, 北京 2017

以来 2013, the ISBSG workshop is connected to a 1-day conference called ‘IT信心’. This conference focuses on the use of historical data in project estimating, 项目控制, supplier performance measurement, benchmarking and outsourcing. This year’s event was organized by Nesma partner China SPI in Beijing, 中国. Presentations included relevant topics like the impact of size on productivity, Software hour rates and productivity rates of vendors in relation to different customers, Improving Estimation Maturity using function points and historical data and many others.

The presentations can be downloaded 这里.

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