Our service provider for FPA certification was CITO, this contract is stopped per 31 July because CITO aims to target on more specific customers. We have found a very good alternative; from the 1st of august the exams will be supported by ‘Eureka exams’.

Eureka exams offers at least the same guarantees and quality as CITO, the noticeable differences are that Eureka offers a greater range of locations and days where an exam can be taken (for this moment in the Netherlands). The exam can be taken in Dutch or English. On term it’s also possibly to book locations outside the Netherlands, to be determined on the basis of the question of exams. For those who intend to certify, we wish you success.

Details about certification on Informatie Certificering FPA.

A direct link to book an exam is CFPA – Eureka Examen.

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