In 2005 the Nesma FPA counting guidelines became the international standard ISO/IEC 24570:2005. In the 2010 and 2015 systematic reviews the standard was prolonged as International Standard. The Nesma Counting Practices Committee has made an inventory of questions and issues that occurred in practice with the use of the standard. This inventory has resulted in a list of proposed changes to the standard.

Based on this list the Counting Practices Committee has produced a new version of the Nesma FPA counting guidelines. All changes have the primary intent to improve the unambiguity of the standard, while leaving the essence of the standard unchanged. This means that functional size measurements based on the new version of the standard will give the same results as functional size measurements based on the earlier versions 2.1 (English) and 2.2 (Dutch). The new version 2.3 is now a Draft International Standard and this spring it will be clear if the standard will be approved.

In the new version not only the items of the list of changes have been implemented, but the whole text of the standard has been modernized to reflect the common practices in software engineering in 2017.

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