This year the Nesma General Members Meeting (ALV) will be held on Thursday April 20, starting from 3 PM. As the previous years, the location will be the restaurant “De Soester Duinen”  in Soest. All members are invited to attend the ALV. The documents for the ALV (in Dutch) will be sent to all Nesma members in the coming weeks.

Following the ALV, the Nesma Spring Meeting will take place. As can be read in the text about the new Nesma structure (“A change of direction”), as far as the Nesma Board is concerned, this will be the last Spring Meeting.

Traditionally, the meeting will take place in an interactive setting: the attendees will discuss a subject with each other, in a “playfull” setting in which everybody is invited to bring forward his/her ideas. The theme for this year will be: International Co-operation. For many years, Nesma has strong ties with organizations like IFPUG, ISBSG, Cosmic and, more recently, with ICEAA. In the Spring Meeting we will look at what profit and loss these ties bring to us. And, who knows, new ideas about co-operation will emerge?

This year, we will conclude the Spring Meeting with drinks and snacks, not with a dinner. This is because of the Theme Sessions that will be organized for Nesma members in the coming months – see the text about the new Nesma structure.


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