CFPA certification: Proof of ability

In 2014, Nesma changed its focus from a Dutch organization to an international organization that is ‘more than just points’. Nesma wishes to support the international software industry by providing knowledge on applied topics like software estimation, benchmarking, productivity measurement, project control, outsourcing and sizing methods. The new site shows many examples of the value Nesma offers to its (Dutch and international) members.

The basis for all these applied topics is the (crucial) ability to measure the size of the software (system, project, release or sprint) in an objective, repeatable, verifiable and therefore defensible way. Obtaining the Nesma CFPA certificate shows that you have the knowledge and the skills to deliver function point analysis of the highest quality.

In 2014, Nesma organized a pilot international certification exam at the IWSM conference in Rotterdam to enable English speakers to obtain the Certified Function Point Analyst (CFPA) certification.

The advantages of the Nesma CFPA exam:

  • International recognized certificate, similar to the IFPUG CFPP certificate
  • Certify once, no renewal necessary
  • You don’t need to be or to remain a Nesma member to stay certified
  • Listing in the public Nesma register with certified practitioners

In 2015, Nesma is planning to organize the international certification in conjunction with two important international events:

The price for the international exam depends on your Nesma membership:

  • No member: 695 EUR
  • Individual member: 645 EUR
  • Gold or Platinum member: 595 EUR

Please check the certification page for more information about the Nesma CFPA certificate.

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